Main Team


Instagram Handle: @iansams
Ian’s all time favorite video he is in:

Favorite Flux Bindings: TM
Other Sponsors: Arbor Snowboards, Electric, Thirtytwo and pharmacy Boardshop
Home Mountain: Bear Mountain
Home Town: Crestline
Favorite Trick: Cab 270 always feels so damn good
Goofy Or Regular: Regular
Binding Angles: Front Foot: -9,Back Foot: 9
Top Three Favorite Musicians: I’m all over the place with music, on every end of the spectrum. Wu Tang for life. Hendrix is God. And Kevin Gates does not get tired.
All-Time Favorite Snowboard Movie: When I was a kid, I watched Lil Bastards on repeat all day so I’d have to say that’s probably it.
Favorite Shred Magazine: Snowboarder Magazine
Favorite Shred Website:
Favorite Non-Snowboard Website: pornhub
Favorite Mobile Phone App: The green one with the phone on it that lets you talk to people… you know. (We don’t)
Top Dawg: My dog, Milo
Favorite Food: Pizza of Course
Describe Your Ultimate Shred Mission: Me and all my dawgs, Milo included, shredding the dirty streets of America, baby!
Tell Us Something We Don’t know About You: I don’t like to party…