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Instagram Handle: @ryan_tarbell
Ryan Tarbell:
Ryan’s all time favorite video he is in:

Favorite Flux Bindings: DSW and TM
Other Sponsors: 686, Academy, Bear Mountain, Electric, Markass Monday’s, WeatherMTN, Pharmacy and Thirtytwo
Home Mountain: Bear Mountain
Home Town: Running Springs
Favorite Trick: Ollie
Goofy Or Regular: Goofy
Binding Angles: Front Foot/9,Back Foot/-9
Top Three Favorite Musicians: Hip Hop
All-Time Favorite Snowboard Movie: Happy Hour
Favorite Shred Magazine: Didn’t know they still exist…
Favorite Shred Website:
Favorite Non-Snowboard Website:
Favorite Mobile Phone App: Flip phone, no apps
Top Dawg: All My Dawgs!
Favorite Food: ?
Describe Your Ultimate Shred Mission: Everyday Shredding!
Tell Us Something We Don’t know About You: If only you really knew!!