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Facebook Link:
Instagram Handle: @scottyvine
Twitter Handle: @scottyvine
Website Link:
Scotty’s all time favorite video he is in: Scotty Vine Full Part III:

Favorite Flux Bindings: SF
Other Sponsors: Arbor Snowboards, Bear Mountain, Sandbox Helmets & Goggles and Rad Gloves
Home Mountain: Bear Mountain.
Home Town: Crestline, Tahoe, Bend… Planet Earth.
Favorite Trick: Switch Method
Goofy Or Regular: Regular.
Binding Angles:
Front Foot: 15
Back Foot: -15
All-Time Favorite Snowboard Movie: Shakedown
Favorite Shred Magazine: Snowboarder Magazine
Favorite Shred Website:
Favorite Non-Snowboard Website:
Favorite Mobile Phone App: Google Maps with Waze synced to it
Top Dawg: Cobra Dog
Favorite Food: Sushi
Describe Your Ultimate Shred Mission: Friends, earth, cause shred missions are just what we do.
Tell Us Something We Don’t know About You: I’m a space alien, but I don’t fully know my origin.